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LA UK projects – from the past into a better future
Report of 2013, asserts that Sub-Saharan countries like Uganda is still well below the “regional average” standard of living index. The human development index (HDI) provides the top key indicators for measurement of human development namely; health, education and income. Uganda is categorised amongst the poorest countries with persistent gaps in living standards, such as health, basic necessities for survival and life opportunities. In brief, a comparative analysis of country profile across the developing countries, confirms an unacceptable persistent living conditions by international standards (UNDP Report, 2013).

Lango Sub-region (with estimated population of 1.5 million, is located in the northern part of Uganda, a developing country with 12 million people based on the last population census (UBOs 2002 census). Lango Association (UK), is a charity that works with local organizations in Lango Sub-region comprising eight districts that promote its aims and objects (see its values). It endorses development education by facilitating marginalised groups in dealing with social and economic issues identified: to combat chronic poverty, promote social justice and to encourage sustainable development, locally, regionally, nationally and at global level. The development approach is by engaging the most susceptible individuals to take decisions that will change their standards of living, well-being and the community (i.e., the rights-based approach). While progress has been made in some areas, such as reducing child and mother death rate, there are still regional variations. On the other hand, education of orphans, increasing girls’ education entrance, retention and social justice for women and land equity in the Sub-region, require a closer look.

The charity generates its income from individuals and development networkers’ contributions, foundation, funders, donors, friends and trusts. It believes in ethical standards and best practices.
Partners: The Big Lottery, American Friends, Danish Friends, Swedish Friends, Comic Relief and African Positive Outlook (APO).
Past projects
LA (UK) has worked through members in the United Kingdom (UK), partners or collaborators, based in the UK and other parts world.

Review of the past years, LA (UK):
Encouraged development education via Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and networking.
Supported emergency relief to internally
Current Projects
UK projects
Lango Association (UK) Website (LAW) project. From March 2013, the website is being restructured to disseminate information to the general public, donors and will contain the community portal. The focus of this project is to build a more user friendly, robust, scalable and a more dynamic website that can stand the test of time
Future Projects
Will continue to identify problems affecting the community
  • Capacity building and health projects.
  • Food security and better storage facilities.
  • Land equity and better farming methods
  • Education of orphans and social justice for the most vulnerable people.
  • Environmental projects.
  • Solar power supply projects.