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Past projects.
LA (UK) has worked through members in the United Kingdom (UK), partners or collaborators, based in the UK and other parts world.

Review of the past years, LA (UK):
  • Encouraged development education via Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and networking.
  • Supported emergency relief to internally displaced people (IDPs) camps, located in the post-war zone districts of Oyam, Lira and Amolatar in 2004.
  • Jointly organised donation and delivery of cancer screening equipment and computers to Lira hospital, the main regional hospital in the Sub-region in 2008.
  • Supported the opening of All Saints University Lango (ASUL), Lira, Uganda via collaborative approach with American Friends and the two UK charities (LA UK and Lango Community Training - LCT) to open training branches in Lira and Aminakite, Apac District in 2007. This University was founded in 2008 by the Diocese of Lango Sub-region and opened in January 2009.

From 2009 onwards
  • With the backing of Lango Community Trust (LCT) and donation of the Danish friends, supplied a total of 150 computers and 15 printers to the following training colleges and secondary schools in Lango Subregion (e.g., Bishop Luke Orombi Comprehensive School, Bata Senior Secondary School, Umoja Vocational LA(UK), 2013 Website information for the project page/AO/MgtBoard Page 2 Institute, Olilim Boarding Primary School, Canon Lawrence Demonstration School and Otuke Secondary School). The process was overseen by a UK co-ordinator in Lira, in May 2009.
  • Contributed to the emergency relief support for people living in the Sub-region affected by famine due to climatic changes in 2009.
  • Conducted Capacity Needs Assessment (CNA), in Apac district. Carried out partnership building workshops, training, used tools for management assessment and reviews, and raised more HIV/AIDs awareness with local groups (e.g., ADFPHAs) in 2010.
  • Recognised Women’s role in supporting education development. This was marked by a celebration of Langi Women’s contribution in London, in the Summer 2011 and raised awareness on issues affecting them, like mother and child death rate, injustices and the burden of hard labour. Role models and an award winner from Agwata, Apac District who contributed to maternity care were commended to encourage others.
  • Held a number of forums with the community from 2011-2012, which proved useful in devising a way forward.

Forward looking: Key challenges identified
Reviews indicate:
  • High Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Apac District (about 7% higher compared to the National rate of 6.4% in 2009), and poor diet for those affected and living in extreme poverty.
  • Long distance to treatment centres that administer appropriate drugs, such as Antiretroviral Treatments (ARTs).
  • Low Revenue Base.
  • Poor Socio-Economic Infrastructures affecting the service and local facilities.
  • Negative behaviour, perceptions and ‘traditional’ practices.
  • High number of orphans, widows and vulnerable children due to the effects of HIV/AIDs related illnesses.