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Message from the Chairman Lango Association (UK)
Dear Community Members and Well-Wishers,

Welcome to Lango Association UK Charity Website. You are one step away from making a difference and a positive impact that will transform the lives of those in need.

“Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it”. (John D. Rockefeller Jr.)
“The world won’t get better by itself. We must set big goals and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way” (Sue Desmond, Hellmann CEO).

Please access our website and learn how you can;

  • Work with us to tackle common challenges affecting our youths in London and UK including knife crime, mental health, unemployment.
  • Support women and raise awareness against domestic violence, FGM (Female Genital mutilation), women empowering and entrepreneurship.
  • help educate a child in areas of Lango language, culture, values, health, self-help, social enterprise.
  • Influence meaningful changes to help people live healthier and more productive lives, by improving their incomes and livelihoods, promote productions through high yield agriculture in Africa, educating the impoverished children among others.
  • Fundraise and raise awareness to help transform a local impoverished community in both UK and in Uganda through training for effective poverty eradicating and income generating initiatives, developing resilience towards disasters including Famine, Flood,
  • help feed a child in need here in UK and in Africa, especially Uganda.
  • Protect the environment, conserve natural endowments of Uganda especially, Lango sub-regions, and preserve wildlife through protecting from depletion of local species including Rhino, a Lango traditional totem
  • learn about Lango people, their culture and way of life
  • hopefully support us in any other capacity to either fund, fundraise or promote awareness about our good causes.

I encourage you to take time to read the committee profiles, to meet and support initiatives from some of our greatest volunteers and unsung heroes serving the Board of Trustees of Lango association. The current committee were selected to serve the charity on a 2 year tenure from 3 November 2018 to November 2020. I hope you can get to know their inspirations and passion for volunteering. All the committee members are professionals in full time employment and serve us as unpaid volunteers. And, hey! Don’t be afraid to match their enthusiasm and commitments.

The Lango Association (UK) is working in partnership with other charity organisations, by collaborating on positive outcomes for people in need in UK and Uganda. We have secured findings in the past to run projects in areas of youth empowerment, culture, community awareness and health promotion both in UK and Lango sub-region, in Uganda. We are currently applying for grants and receiving donations for projects in the pipeline. Please browse through our project section of the website to see some of the projects ideas we are currently working on, and where we are with our appeals and deliverables.

I am happy to inform you that Lango Association(UK) has a possibility of securing some funding for our UK young people’s programme and youth projects. We will give more information as the details unfold.

As a member’s Chair of Board, I am committed to serving the interest of members and together we can collaborate to advance our positive causes for charity and humanity. I am driven by our motto “Note En Teko”, which is translated as “Unity is Strength”.

Once again, I thank you for visiting Lango Association (UK) website and I hope you support our cause, by doing the best you can for us, including spreading a word about our positive causes. You landed on this page for a purpose, and your call of duty starts now.

Together we can make a difference.


Geoffrey Odur
Chairman Lango Association (UK) November 2018